The SPINE-BoK is based on a continuous research and development activity started by the SPINE core team in 2008 and then supported by many collaborating research groups and research students.

The founders of the project were: Telecom/Pirelli WSN Lab at Berkeley (Dr. Marco Sgroi), University of Calabria (Prof. Giancarlo Fortino), Telecom Italia (Dr. Fabio Bellifemine), University of Berkeley (Prof. Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli).

Currently, the SPINE open-source project is maintained by the Prof. Fortino’s research group (SPEME Lab) with effective support from international collaborators.

Partners can be therefore organized in:

  • The Core team, the team currently managing the SPINE-BoK.
  • The Contributor groups, researchers who are providing external support from research and/or development perspectives.
  • The Past contributors, who are not anymore giving active support to the project.
  • The Alumni, students who were directly involved in the research and development activities.