Fall-MobileGuard is a smart fall detection prototype system, implementing the method proposed in Section III. It is primarily intended for elderly who live alone or without continuous assistance and for patients with underlying medical conditions that raise the risk of falls. The system consists of an Android-based personal mobile device (e.g. a smartphone) that communicates via Bluetooth with a single Shimmer2R sensor node running the SPINE framework.

The sensor can be worn with belt clips or placed in a pocket. The end-user application runs on the smartphone and integrates a functionality to connect to Facebook. On the detection of any levels of fall, this feature allows to automatically write, on the user’s personal wall as well as to predefined Facebook friends (e.g. relatives or caregivers), simple messages containing information about the detected event.

Furthermore, it is possible to specify a list of preset phone numbers that are reached with an automatic emergency recorded voice message in case of red fall alarms.

Reference paper

G. Fortino, R. Gravina, Fall-MobileGuard: A smart real-time fall detection system, 10th International Conference on Body Area Networks (BodyNets’15), pp. 44–50, EAI 2015.