e-Shake is a Collaborative BSN system aiming at detecting emotion reactions between two people that are shaking their hands.

Specifically, e-Shake is developed through C-SPINE and integrates the detection of handshake gestures with continuous heart rate calculation in a time synchronized fashion. Such integrated and synchronized information can be used to detect emotion states/reactions of meeting people when their meeting starts with a handshake.
The architecture involves two sensor components:

  • The HandShake Sensor (HS Sensor) component, which is executed on a Shimmer mote, is placed on the right arm wrist and acquires data from the on-board three-axis accelerometer
  • The Heart Rate Sensor (HR Sensor) component, which is also executed on a Shimmer mote, is interfaced with an ECG sensor board to extract the heart rate.

Reference paper

G. Fortino, S. Galzarano, R. Gravina, W. Li, A framework for collaborative computing and multi-sensor data fusion in body sensor networks, Information Fusion, 22 , pp. 50–70, 2015.