The ECG as a Service (ECGaaS) has been developed through the BodyCloud middleware and allows to monitor (collect, process, store, analyze and visualize) the ECG data coming from individuals or group of people (e.g. assisted livings, athletes, emergency teams).

In particular, the ECG signal is captured by the Body-side layer based on SPINE and sent to the BodyCloud in which the R-R intervals and heart rate (HR) are extracted. Two QRS
detector algorithms have been developed and deployed in the BodyCloud system. The first algorithm uses a fixed threshold to extract the QRS complex (heartbeat); while the second one uses an adaptive mechanism which automatically estimates the optimal threshold to extract the QRS complex from the ECG signal.

Reference paper

G. Fortino, D. Parisi, V. Pirrone, G. Di Fatta, BodyCloud: A SaaS approach for community Body Sensor Networks, Future Generation Computer Systems, 35 , pp. 62-79, 2014