INTER-Health is a IoT-based platform obtained by the integration of two independent IoT platforms (BodyCloud and e-Care Telecom Italia). It aims to develop an integrated IoT
system for monitoring humans’ lifestyle in a decentralized mobile way to prevent health issues resulting from food and physical activity disorders. The aforementioned monitoring process can be decentralized from the healthcare center to the monitored subjects’ homes, and supported in mobility by using on-body physical activity monitors.

The main functionalities of the integrated and interoperable IoT platform are the followings:

  • collection of objective (weight, height, body mass index, blood pressure or waist circumference) and subjective (questionnaires concerning the eating habits and the practice of physical activity) measures during the visits at the healthcare center (based on e-Care);
  • telemonitoring at the healthcare center of subjective (questionnaires) and objective (weight, blood pressure, etc…) measures sent by the patients at home (based on e-Care platform);
  • telemonitoring at the healthcare center of the physical activities performed by patient at home with wearable devices (based on BodyCloud platform) report and visualization of all the measurements collected for analysis and interaction on treatments.

Reference paper

P. Pace, G. Aloi, G. Caliciuri, R. Gravina, C. Savaglio, G. Fortino, G. Ibanez-Sanchez, A. Fides-Valero, J. Bayo-Monton, M. Uberti, M. Corona, L. Bernini, M. Gulino, A. Costa, I. De Luca, M. Mortara, INTER-Health: An Interoperable IoT Solution for Active and Assisted Living Healthcare Services, IEEE 5th World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT 2019), pp. 81-86, IEEE 2019.