Rehab-aaService is a Cloud-assisted motor rehabilitation assistant application, currently optimized for elbow and knee.
Limbs motion measurement is performed using two tiny and lightweight wearable devices equipped with 3-axial accelerometers. Sensors are attached by means of elastic bracelets in specic positions of the limbs for acquiring accelerometer data, which are eventually processed by the BSN coordinator to estimate medical-relevant rehabilitation information such as joint (e.g. elbow and knee) flexion and extension angles. Implemented according to the software abstractions (Group, Modality, Work
ow, View) introduced by BodyCloud, Rehab-aaService allows the transmission of rehabilitation session data from the Body-side to the Cloud-side, analyzes individual data and provides (aggregated and statistical) information about, and graphically displays rehabilitation data.

To estimate the flexion and rotation information of the limbs, the proposed system uses SPINE-enabled wearable nodes equipped with 3-axis accelerometer sensors.
The application scenario consists of two steps, namely setup and exercise phases. During the set-up phase, the user wears two sensors on either leg or arm that needs to be exercised and performs the correct exercise under the guidance of rehabilitation professional. Meanwhile, the system records the data and stores it as reference exercise. Then, during the exercise phase, the user repeats the bending movement and is provided with a real-time feedback about how the movement is done with respect to the stored reference exercise. All the rehabilitation session data are also securely transmitted to a Cloud server using the BodyCloud infrastructure.

Reference paper

G. Fortino, R. Gravina, Rehab-aaService: a cloud-based motor rehabilitation digital assistant, 2nd Workshop on ICT for improving Patient Rehabilitation Research Techniques (REHAB 2014), pp. 305–308, ICST 2014.